Machine manager

The machine management system TIM AM01 is a configurable device that adapts to any machine and allows to reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity. Using this device the user can visualize the state of the machine and time its functions.

For example in a crane, the system is used to time the transitions between lift movements, assuring that movement in the opposite direction is preceded by a full stop. The speed of the movements can also be configured.

The controller can also manage the breaks and torque converters, as well as the speed of the engine, whether it is electric or internal combustion.



Reduces wear

Timing the transitions between movements guarantees that the machine is operated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Reduces maintenance costs and increases working time.

Optimizes production

Ideal timings improve the performance of the machine.

Improves safety

Assuring the machine is operated inside the manufacturer's specifications is having better safety.