Crane anti-collision

Collision avoidance cranes

It is important to guarantee a safe work environment. For places where there are multiple cranes working simultaneously or where there is a need to perform an effective area management, it is essential to have systems capable of complying with every safety requirement.

The collision avoidance system manages space restrictions in real time. This is a complete solution designed to avoid collisions between cranes and between cranes and other obstacles.

The area management function stops the crane from working over critical areas and obstacles such as power lines, railways, schools, etc. The system dynamically manages the approach speed and safety distance.

Set of devices for the collision avoidance system.

The modular collision avoidance system includes:

– A local controller which runs the advanced collision avoidance algorithms and manages the other modules.

– Easy to mount sensors.

– An innovative software that allows to program the system remotely.

– A communication module.

Collision avoidance with cranes.
Collision avoidance

Multiple cranes can communicate to avoid collisions.

Collision avoidance with obstacle
Area management

On approaching obstacles the crane will slow down and stop at a safe distance.



The collision avoidance system is easy to assemble and compatible with every crane.

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More than two cranes can operate on the same space without risk of collision.


Manages the area of each crane and how they use their workspace.

Easy to install

The sensors don’t require mechanical modifications on the machine where they are installed.

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